INDIELISBOA is a privileged event to meet the most recent and interesting works of independent cinema

from all over the world.

The main aim of the Festival is to discover new films and new directors, in the universe of independent cinema.
Keeping its attention on the author’s creativity and independence, INDIELISBOA was able to become
the most important Portuguese Film festival.
On its next edition, INDIELISBOA is looking forward to enhance its national and international position
as the main Portuguese film festival.

We were invited to create the image of the 6th Festival for the year 2009.

We developed the signature “Indie Lisboa, mais do que um Festival” (Indie Lisboa, more than just a festival)
based on the multifaceted aspects of the Festival, like music, films, party, workshops, conferences, and so on…
The diversity of themes are disposed in glasses like in a drug store, like a magic potion
where the public can choose and enjoy their own selection.


Editorial Design / Full Production / Publicity