The International Year of Planet Earth aims to ensure greater and more effective use by society
of the knowledge accumulated by the world’s 400,000 Earth scientists. The Year’s ultimate goal of helping to build safer, healthier and wealthier societies around the globe is expressed in the Year’s subtitle ‘Earth science for Society’.
The International Year ended in December 2009, the central year of the triennium (2008) having been proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as the UN Year. The UN sees the Year as a contribution to their sustainable development targets as it promotes wise (sustainable) use of Earth materials and encourages better planning and management to reduce risks for the world’s inhabitants.
We were  invited to organize and take care of all production for this event, from booking flights, hotels, manage partners stands, catering and entertainment. We created all the visuals, gifts, prizes and the music jingles of the IYPE.


Brochure for the Official Show of the Event

“On 20 – 22 November 2009 a worldwide event was held to highlight main results of the IYPE
and to launch new initiatives building on the IYPE legacy. Invited by the Government of Portugal,
the Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009 (PEL2009) is being organized by IYPE, the Portuguese National Committee.
PEL2009 aimed to bring together scientists, politicians and industrial leaders to celebrate the closing of the International Year of Planet Earth triennium (2007-2009), to evaluate the results of the IYPE and to look ahead. This look dominate the Event and is reflected in the PEL2009 subtitle: Planet Earth, Present for the future! A new initiative.
PEL2009 addressed three important themes which are close to the heart of IYPE and examples of Sustainable Development: Renewable Energy, Sustainable Land & Water Management, and Planet Ocean. These themes were highlighted from the points of views of politics, science and industry. Moreover, by inviting 2 students from each of the 80 IYPE Nations, the Event organizers emphasized the important role for the next generations in reaching the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. An impressive number of political leaders, captains of industry and leading scientists have committed to participate.”

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Some pictures of the Event

TV Spot


Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Motion Media / Production